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Our Moto

Veritas, Truth, is the motto of St. Kabir School.

Underlying all actions, relationships, and communications is the assumption that this standard exists. Only with this principle clearly understood and firmly in place is the school’s mission worthy and possible.

St Kabir exists to develop in each student a striving for excellence, a maturing awareness of moral and spiritual values, a sense of responsible purpose, and a determination to serve the world with courage, graciousness, and compassion.

We challenge each student to strive for academic excellence, to assume leadership, to develop a faith life, and to perform at her best in every endeavor. We believe that the promise of the future rests in the young woman who acts with confidence, grace, courage, and dignity as a citizen of the world.

In the Lower and Middle Schools, we provide an educational program designed to encourage each boy and girl to work effectively, to communicate articulately, to develop a faith life, and to approach life with a sense of purpose and competence.

Our goal is for our graduates to be successful students in secondary schools and responsible, thoughtful citizens of the world. We believe that in the process of preparing and guiding young people toward intellectual growth and moral and spiritual awareness, the beginning is everything