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St. Kabir School
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I am extremely impressed with the immense growth of st. kabir public school excels respect to the hard work and teaching skills of the staff.

St. Kabir Educational Society wants to promote the real cause of education. It dreams and aims at imparting the best type of available education to its students so that they may become good citizens and attain their cherished golas. True to the teachings of St. Kabir, it desires to kindle the flame of universal brotherhood, equality and love amongst which is the need of the hour. This is an institution primarily meant for the upliftment of village students. Secondarily, it is a purely non profit making organization working as a light house of hardworking students with a view of secular thoughts. It is said that “ Charity begins at home”. Through education, it means , to make the internal to external. May the vision of St. Kabir Education Society, become true to the cherished goal

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Remember upon the depth of your desire, Will depend the swiftness of your progress

" Present Century is a revolutionary period of education exploring the micro dynamic.....

St. Kabir School
Sultanpur, near Sathiali Pul
Kahnuwan (Gurdaspur)
Punjab, India.