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Registration of a child does not guarantee admission, but only means that the child is entitled to appear for an entrance test and the interview.

The Principal and the school authorities reverse the right to grant or refuse admission even after the TEST and INTERVIEW. No student will be admitted without prior test and interview.

  Birth Certificate showing the Date of Birth from the registrar of Birth and Death of the area should be produced at the    time of admission.

  No affidavit of birth certificate be accepted.

  Candidates who will produce a false certificate will be denied of admission.

  Date of Birth and particulars once registered will not be altered at any instance.

  Admission to any class will be granted only after submission of a transfer certificate of the previous school with the date of birth.

Tuition Fee for two months must be deposited by 10th of the starting month in April, June etc. Fee-Card is must for entry of fee. In case of its loss or damage, a fresh free card will be issued after charging Rs. 50/-.

Rs. 5/- per day will be charged for delay in the payment of fee.

  1. As per syllabus booklet, three terminal exams are held during a year.
  2. Progress report is sent to parents after each test/exam .
  3. Parents are allowed to see the answer books of their wards on parent teacher meeting.
  4. Unit test are the regular feature in the form of formative Assessment.
  5. A student will have to pass all the subject in order to get promotion to next class.
  6. Pass percentage is 40% in each subject from nursery to 8th in each subject. Pass percentage for class 9th is 50% in each subject.